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The Happy Humans

Hard truth: We all start businesses thinking we won’t need much HR involvement. If we recruit well, treat our team with respect and remunerate appropriately it should be smooth sailing, right?

At some point we all reach the same realisation. That humans are infinitely complex, adaptive and emotional beings and there is no cookie cutter approach to create happy, engaged teams and thriving leaders.  

HR is no longer the red tape of the 90’s. We are here to show you how to drive engagement and high performance by investing in your number one resource: your people.

Bespoke, Affordable HR for SMEs

We get such a buzz from working with a myriad of diverse businesses across Australia. We have the capability and agility to understand the complexities and opportunities for your business and hit the ground running to support you and your team in navigating HR, however this may look for you. 

What We Do Best

Leadership and Growth

  • Tailored individual and team coaching programs for emerging leaders and executives using a toolkit of adult development frameworks and accreditations
  • Leadership workshop design and facilitation
  • Data-driven psychometrics (including OPQ, DISC Advanced, Talegent and 4 Stages of Psychological Safety), for deeper and sustained development outcomes
  • Bespoke and data-driven Culture and Engagement assessments

People Problems

HR advice and consultation to support you through the complexity of small business HR

  • Managing and investigating workplace misconduct
  • Mediation
  • Performance management
  • Restructures
  • Recruitment and talent

HR Governance

We provide guidance around policies, templates, audit/review & strategy

  • HR Policies, guidelines, and strategy
  • HR Audits
  • Connecting Board Strategy with an operational HR action plan

Happy Humans for Business

Happy Humans Consulting was born from a desire to create meaningful and sustainable change for small businesses and start-ups.

We address the gap for businesses by providing bespoke, agile and trusted HR advice and services for those who may not have time, resources or capability internally.

Happy Humans for Individuals

We also work with individuals to support you with: